Car Wrap Guide

Install the Best Car Wrap Today


When it comes to fashion for your car, car wrap can give you the satisfaction that you deserve. There are many companies that are using car wraps for their company vehicle in order to make people notice their car instantly. The car wrap's purpose is to make your car look noticeable. It is very easy to install a car wrap to your car, making it the most beautiful vehicle in your place. Even if you want to remove it, it is still very simple to do. You can save a lot of money from your bank account if you know how to pick the best car wrap.


If you are wondering about the ways on how to install a car wrap, there are actually two simple ways to do so. The first one is called wet application wherein you use water to assist you in wrapping your car, which is similar on putting wallpaper on the walls of your room. There are people who like the wet application while others prefer the other one. The other way of installing your car wrap is through a dry application. Just by pulling the wrap over your car, you can already wrap your car successfully, if you know how to properly do it.


If you already know how to wrap your car, you should be sure that it will fit to your car. There are specific car wraps for your car model, but you still need to check if it will really fit. The most proper way to do it is with the use of masking tape. You just need to put the car wrap on your vehicle and use the tape. If you are already done taping the car wrap, look at it as a whole to be able to observe if it really fits your car. Check out this website at for more info about car warps.


If you are already sure of its design and fit, you can now remove the car wrap's backing. You can use your handy squeegee in applying the helfoliera bilen wrap to your car. You do not need to do the process hastily in order to have a nice and flat wrap on your car. You must refrain from stretching the car wrap just to make it fit. You can avoid damages by not pulling it so much.


After putting the Bildekor wrap, make sure that there are no air bubbles. If there are no air bubbles, it will look more pleasing and stay strong. You can use a needle or pip to pop the bubbles carefully. Just poke it at the center, slowly press it, and use your squeegee to have a smooth output.